Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nadelson On Education

Judge Eileen Nadelson of New York comments on the new reality in the United States today. Her declaration is an urgent call to action to empower people with education.

Video Interview


Anonymous said...

What can be done to improve the present quality of education for our children now? Since there are fewer resources to meet our minimum standards for literacy, how can this trend be reversed by the community?

enadelson said...

my apologies for this late response; sometimes "work" gets in the way. But, please know that I will not neglect or ignore the comments. Now, as to your comment, you may try what has worked in some areas by soliciting the business community or local organizations to provide supplies or extracurricular programs. Frequently, they want to participate or assist, but you have to ask. Some even like their names associated with educational projects. After all, the whole community benefits from an educated residency.
If the community is short on outside resources, you can still tap into the local talent -- teachers, professionals, college students and graduates, seniors, etc. Be proactive and creative; it takes time and energy, but the rewards will make you proud, if not noteworthy. Keep me apprised - I am interested in seeing you succeed. judge nadelson